3 Ways Every Door Direct Mail Can Grow Your Small Businesses

3 Ways Every Door Direct Mail Can Grow Your Small Businesses

Written by : Posted on March 31, 2017 : Comments Off on 3 Ways Every Door Direct Mail Can Grow Your Small Businesses

Every business and business owner must do two important things to be successful. First, they must identify their target market. Those are the folks who are most likely to purchase from you and who are already looking for the solution your product or service provides. Second, they must make their target market aware of those products and services. Here are three ways Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can do that.

  1. It Can Be Hyper Local
    If your small business wants to reach potential clients in a specific geographic region, nothing does that better than EDDM. Unlike letters or brochures mailed inside envelopes, postcards are ideal for reaching your local target market because they are readable right on sight. By mailing a postcard to every door in the community you want to reach, you’ll get as many eyes as possible on your company.
  2. It Can Be Far Reaching
    EDDM has the amazing ability to reach potential clients far outside of your local reach. Even online businesses must reach their target market in offline ways. By targeting people who have already expressed an interest in your company’s offerings, you can use Every Door Direct Mail pieces to grab their attention no matter where they live and work.
  3. It Eliminates Guess Work
    One of the best features of EDDM is its ability to do just what its name says – to reach every door that has the possibility to net customers for you. Once we design your mail piece, we will send it to the local post office for distribution on the mail routes that will yield the best results. No need for you to create a mailing list or guess which businesses and households should be on the receiving end. You’ll even receive guidance on the right size to use for maximum impact and ease of mailing.


Have iDesign create you next direct mail piece to help increase brand awareness and drive sales to your business or event. With Every Door Direct Mail, we take the guess work out of marketing and helps you hit a bullseye with your target market.


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